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Our Markets


All industries that use water for process or service purposes usually require a water treatment system or equipment at the point of use. Today, BWT is a benchmark in some of the most demanding industrial sectors.

A tailor-made solution

Treating water at the point of use requires complete process proficiency. In this way, the installation is optimally integrated into the production flow. Two design offices are currently working in close collaboration with our customers to devise engineering for industrial projects, from the initial design phase through to its implementation and optimisation.

Controlled quality

Our teams’ technical skills are combined with in-depth knowledge of each sector’s standards. Appropriate, up-to-date documentation enables our specialised engineers to assess industrial installations competently. As such, BWT can offer its customers perfectly documented installations with duly referenced certifications. ISO standards, pharmacopoeias and CE certifications are integrated into projects from the very start.


Corrosion, scaling and impurities cause industry considerable material losses every year. Water conditioning prolongs the operational life and reliability of power production (steam) and cooling equipment, as well as manufacturing processes.
BWT: expertise in manufacturing, distributing, implementing and monitoring our products. Our formulations are manufactured at the group’s three European plants and distributed over the world.
A complete range of chemicals provides the most effective technical and business solutions in the following areas: cooling systems, steam production, superheated water, heating systems, domestic hot water, chilled water systems, industrial processes, wastewater treatment, etc.

A personalised service

BWT delivers quality of service at every stage in a project: study, design, realisation, qualification and equipment deployment. The after-sales service is provided by a team of engineers. They are mobile troubleshooters available around the world. A core component of our support concerns the longevity and optimisation of installations and the provision of spare parts and associated consumables. BWT is a certified training body. As such, the group provides theoretical and practical training in its entire range and in water treatment professions.