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Our Markets

The Building Sector

BWT is a major player in water treatment in the building sector. Thanks to its extensive experience, BWT offers innovative technical solutions for each type of infrastructure to protect domestic hot water installations, heating installations, air conditioning, etc. and ensure their longevity.

Water treatment in your buildings

Always available, water is nevertheless an increasingly scarce resource. It is a major factor in the economic and technological management of buildings. Each day, we maintain safe water throughout buildings and health establishments using treatment solutions that are simple to implement and comply with regulatory requirements.

Our credo is improvement in water resources management and protection of nature. As such, our commitment to the environment has led us to devise and develop a range of Eco Solutions. As a manufacturer and designer, BWT uses its experience every day to provide solutions that are always suited to its customers’ needs.

BWT offers a range of equipment such as softeners, anti-scaling agents, filters, reverse osmosis units and analysers/regulators and a range of chemicals to protect you against the risk of corrosion, moulding, scaling and the spread of bacteria.

BWT can deploy your devices and train operating personnel in how to correctly run installations. We handle the monitoring and preventive maintenance of your equipment, the supply of spare parts and consumables, and provide long-term support through our technical support contracts. BWT France’s ambition is to offer its customers a comprehensive service with a complete solution.